Because Japanese Robots Rule

January 11, 2008

Transgenic video for Bloc Party’s latest, Flux:

Oh wait, I’ve seen this before!

Three Trailers

January 10, 2008

Guillermo del Toro is making a sequel looking to be an improvement on the first outing, Will Smith making up for Legend in Hancock and this picture of 24 hours lost in New York with a stranger.

Takes on Baltimore

January 10, 2008

Second link from The Atlantic today: Mark Bowden’s piece “The Angriest Man in Televison” about David Simon, the creator of The Wire.

After watching the first two episodes of season 5, I wondered how he researched/created the subtleties of the newsroom floor. Answer: He was previously under the employ of the Baltimore Sun, the paper he skewers portrays this season.

Michael Bierut on Typography

January 10, 2008

The Atlantic has a wonderful video of Michael Bierut talking about typography, with The Postal Service providing music.

(via Monoscope + Typographica)


January 10, 2008

I am so <3ing Kayak.com right now. Do want EasyJet support, but that’s a very minor ding.


January 10, 2008

Pakistan Airlines Adverts for Pakistan Air, blowing smoke, babies and Santa, oh my! (via Gothamist)

Third Go Around

January 9, 2008

I’ve been displeased with certain aspects of the OpenID logo as it stands for a while. The orange is too reddish, the perspective of the o/d curve and arrowhead have always been wrong, and the type is too tightly kerned, light and, well, orange.

Additionally, it’s always worked poorly at small sizes and completely fails to work in monochrome. One school of thought says that the shape is the most important aspect of a logo. The colors, if there are any, should be secondary. The first two iterations used an outlined version of the o/d curve. This time I thought a gap would work better. Turns out it solved both problems at once, as well as strengthened the the I character that anchors the glyph.

OpenID Logo (v3)


  • Added gap around ascender for small and single-color reproduction.
  • Gap increases in size when shape is scaled down.
  • Stem: Increased ascender height; reduced isometric perspective.
  • Arrow: Rotated, reshaped, non-square.
  • Type: Increased letter-spacing; Helvetica Neue Regular (vs Light).
  • Color: Darker gray for curve/arrow; Pantone DS 32-1 C for stem; black for type.

Visual comparison of v2 and v3 (PDF).

The Xiu Xiu Abides

January 9, 2008

New video from the San Jose band Xiu Xiu, via The Owl, wrestling moves and other weird shit abound:

New York Errata

January 9, 2008

Murakami, Upset, Electro, Lit

January 9, 2008

Clinton upsets in NH.

Finished The Wind Up Bird Chronicle, and am reminded of what a friend said about Murakami: he writes about unremarkable characters who find themselves in remarkable circumstances. Looking for a recommendation as to what of his to read next. Picked up a copy of The Evolution of Useful Things, and still have The Society of the Spectacle and Michel Houellebecq’s Platform to finish.

Listening to the slap-bass happy Buddy Akai, particularly liking Problems, The Fine Line and Cut Me Up. They allow downloads—a particularly nice touch. They are playing at SXSW!