About This Design

December 26, 2005

The design of this blog started out as a generic two-column-right template, modified using Custom CSS. I wanted to have a fluid design without fluid column widths. What I did was fix the primary content column (alpha) to a specific width, and then canned the secondary column as a hard & fast container.

The content modules in the right side are fixed width and float left. They are sized such that 3 of them across is equal to the alpha column. On short pages like the Archives page, the sidebar modules wrap nicely around the main content area.

It will probably take some tweaking over the next few weeks until everything is hammered down.

Update 1: Shaved 5-10px off the column widths so that 2 columns fits on an 800x600 screen, 1 column on 640x480, and 3 columns at 1024 pixels wide.

Update 2: Converted the design to Advanced Templates because of a bug in IE6, where the containing div around a set of floats, even position: static and float: none would still wrap the floated elements.