Organic Fast Food

January 7, 2006

For a bunch of reasons, I refrain from eating at McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, etc. I'm not vegetarian, but the food I buy/cook tends to skew that way, and I generally buy organic produce, eggs, chicken, and whatever else I can.

Sometimes I absolutely just crave the plasticine mediocrity of a Mickey D's burger. There's something about how they've perfected the taste and mouth-feel of it that sometimes just sounds really, really good. I haven't caved into this particular urge in years (score one for standards), but it's getting harder.

What I want is an organic McDonalds. Not vegetarian, not even necessarily the most wholesome of corporate culture either (it wouldn't hurt), and not even having particularly good food. I want to be able to roll into OMcDs, order a couple bacon cheeseburgers, shake (is it too much to wish for soy?) and fries, sit down and stuff myself until that greasy-near-nausea feeling overcomes me. Well, maybe not the last part. Truth is, one of the reasons I don't partake of the McBurgers is just that. The grease overload giveth and the grease overload taketh away. Usually just the memory of my last fast-food binge is enough to keep me on the wagon for a few months.

So refined: a McDonald's clone, with organic beef/buns/produce, soy milkshakes and comparable fries, somewhere in the San Francisco area. I will gladly pay twice as much.