28 Paragraphs

March 14, 2006

28 was a good year. It was the year I saw Japan and Hawaii for the first time. Bought a house, sold a house, moved in and broke up with someone. Became a manager and helped build a huge software project from the ground up. Took a hundreds of photos, learned to cook better. Went to more rock shows, learned to appreciate bluegrass. Adopted a puppy. Slept on a plane for the first time in decades. Blogged more. Gave up on brakes and learned to skid. Introspected. Hiked to the top of a mountain, bought a mountain bike and did the Turkey Ride. Scored 400 in a game of Scrabble. Took more chances. Learned to do nothing. Didn't snowboard once, but OK with that. 29 will be better.