Comet RSS Screensaver

March 8, 2006

Originally posted to ydnar.vox.com in March 2006.

Along with Artur, Ben & Mena and Andrew, and about a million other people who bought that first truckload at the Apple Store, I acquired my first piece of Apple hardware in 7 years (the last was a creaky 350mhz blue & white G3).

Brought it home, and immediately fell in love with Front Row. It really is usable as a media center, and aside from my main gripe about not being able to access videos on iTunes shares from my other machines, it's near-perfect in its (rather simple) implementation.

So mucking around with the System Preferences panel, I came across the RSS screensaver module. Hm. After authenticating, I grabbed my Comet friends & family feed and saved it as an RSS bookmark in Safari.

To my surprise, not only did it work flawlessly, but it remembered the authentication cookie. So now whenever my Mac is idle, my living room shines with the most recent posts from my friends & family.

This is a beautiful thing.