The Neighborhood

March 15, 2006

Originally posted to ydnar.vox.com in March 2006.

One of my best friends John just put an offer on a place in my neighborhood. It's a nice place-dark hardwood floors, view of the bay, and an unwarranted loft/office space above the kitchen.

He's been looking for a few months, and hasn't been able to find the right combination of space and location until now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, I really hope he gets it. It'll be good to have a friend in the hood.

Edit: So the owner countered his offer for like 5 grand more. Which is akin to the bartender at the Redwood Room asking you to pony up an extra penny for your posmo.[1]

Edit 2: Counter-counter-offer accepted by both parties. Sweet!

[1] Huzzah, I used posmo in a blog post!