Last Night

April 15, 2006

Last night a few of us went out for Lisa's birthday. We ran into Maile at Skylark right after the doorman and I had this very creepy exchange:

Doorman: Can I see your ID sir?

Me: Sure, here you go.

Doorman, after looking at the ID: Enjoy the weather yesterday?


Take any pictures of the sun?

Huh, yeah. Several actually.

To which he replied, his voice dropping an octave: Good, because you'll never see it again.

As of 2:00 PM today, I have yet to see the sun...

Later on, we ran into an acquaintance of mine and his wife on the street as they were parking to conincidentally go to the same party we were headed to. He was walking with a cane, and later on he told me the story: He'd fallen 30 feet and crushed a vertebrae and for a while was partially paralyzed. I'm happy he can walk again...

Tangentially, his wife's cousin is Panasonic's patent & trademark lawyer. This fact was divulged after a discussion about the merits of various band names such as Rolls Royce. I brought up Panasonic (now Pan Sonic) as an example of a well-known brand name that happened to be a good band name.

There is no point to this post.