Now with 25% More Space

June 19, 2006

Originally posted to ydnar.vox.com in June 2006.

At the aforementioned DWR warehouse sale (a disappointing shadow of its former self), I acquired a bookshelf. It's a nifty stainless-steel & molded plywood affair with 3 shelves + an extra they threw in for some reason. Edit: It was designed by Richard Holbrook.

So finally after 4 months I unpacked my book boxes. I also moved a lot of the various CD/DVD/electronics/cables/old mail boxes up to the closet. I came downstairs about an hour later and (maybe it was the time of day with the light streaming in through the window) my place looked twice as big. Or at least a quarter-again. All this extra space to work with, joy!

Dear Lazyweb: I'm looking for a desk. I have weird specific requirements:

  • It's more like a table than a desk. No drawers, sides, etc. Just a tabletop and legs.
  • It has an extremely high width-to-depth ratio. 80 inches wide by 20 inches deep would be ideal.
  • The tabletop isn't reconstituted anything. Butcher block, hardwood ply, concrete, frosted glass, whatever. Just. No. Melamine.

The dimensions are important because I have a smallish office with a long wall behind my kitchen. It should be deep enough to slide my knees under, and hold a laptop next to a keyboard/mouse or two for other machines. All screens will be wall-mounted.

Craigslist/Ebay are utterly useless searching for this. Help!