Alien Ninja Sea Lions From the Future

July 14, 2006

Originally posted to ydnar.vox.com in July 2006.

San Francisco never fails in the random WTF department.

Edit: Further explanation.

So every evening after work I go for a ride. Yesterday evening as I passed through Aquatic Park (next to Fisherman's Wharf) I saw this crowd standing around a couple cop cars near the bleachers between the bay and the museum.

I initially thought someone was either hurt or committing some heinous crime like being homeless in tourist attraction, but as I got closer I realized everyone was either A) laughing or B) filming something with their digital cameras/camcorders/phones/whatever. Naturally I joined the fray, getting these shots of the police car adorned with marine mammal sporting an electronic fauxhawk complete with antennas. No giant lasers, I'm afraid.

Hey, you! Get off my car!Driver Side FlipperYou call this a bed?Seal Rock, Crown Victoria