Mileage, Redux

January 21, 2007

Originally posted to ydnar.vox.com in January 2007.

Today, Tina and I rode the longest bike ride of my life. We covered Marin, San Francisco and San Mateo county, beginning before the sun came up and finishing after the sun was set. We rode 150 miles, spending 11 hours on the bike, the trip totaling around 13 hours. We cycled through pitch black Sausalito, frost-bitten Belvedere, across San Francisco twice, climbed Devil’s Slide and 3 incredibly long hard climbs out of Pescadero to reach the Skyline Boulevard summit between Alice’s and 92.

Google Map of the second leg

Interesting mile markers:

  • At mile 49, we circled to my house to walk Pista and change up gear.
  • We rolled through Half-Moon Bay at mile 75, our halfway point.
  • Ate lunch in Pescadero at exactly 100 miles (at the really fucking awesome bakery there).
  • The final moment of serendipity occurred at mile 150, exactly at the entrance to the South San Francisco BART station. This turned out to be fortuitous…we were spent and it was dark.

The second-to-last leg of the ride (before dropping down into Millbrae/San Bruno) was on the bike path paralleling the reservoir next to 280. It got scary dark.