A Rainy Saturday Morning

February 12, 2007

Originally posted to ydnar.vox.com in February 2007.

omg bacon!!!
cheese grits

On Saturday, Pista got to run in Alamo Square with Stella in a brief window when it stopped raining. Noshed with Jen and Jay at BlueJay Cafe. Bacon, eggs & blueberry pancakes = teh win. Earlier Pista and I went to the Potrero Sports Basement, and after brunch we went to the Presidio store. Pista had snacked on my black shell jacket (the fifth one if you’re counting) and it was time to get more fodder for the Maw. Hoping for a week’s worth of jacket usage this time.

Spent no money at the 2nd SB visit (yes!) but did drop a lot of coin putting together my costume for Misty’s ever-awesome annual Procrastinator’s New Year’s Eve party. I was the Math Avenger, mild-mannered math professor by day, and smacktalking, derivative-calculating, vigilante superhero by night. Will post more about this in a bit…

Before the trip to Clothes by the Pound, I hit Munroe Motors for the Ducati 1098 launch. They had a single 1098S (apparently the S stands for sold), sandwiches and posters to give away. Most people ignored all of that and just lusted after the new bike. It looks better in person than in pictures. Really, drool.

Edit: Realized this post doesn’t contain any mention of cycling or rock-climbing. I went cycling today with Tina (we rocked a modified combined Fairfax + Paradise loop for a solid 68 miles or so. Did it on the fixie because I’m badass like that the road bike’s in the shop. Sunday weather totally made up for the shitty Saturday. Tyson at American insists my bike will be ready by Tuesday for our double next weekend. Excited!

Edit: Rock climbing!