The voices in my head

February 21, 2007

Originally posted to ydnar.vox.com in February 2007.


So Nick and I were talking on IM about Ratatat today:

ydnar: So we’re riding up back from LA, listening to Ratatat
ydnar: and I could have sworn it had lyrics.
ydnar: Tina commented that it didn’t. I swore I’d heard some
ydnar: Guess the song form is trad rock, so I was imagining them.

Nick O’Neill: It has some samples in it.

ydnar: Right.

Nick O’Neill: I definitely would expect it to have lyrics as well.

ydnar: So we started making shit up. Not lyrics per se, but stuff like “this song totally has a brit pop vocalist whining about his ex-girlfriend.”

Nick O’Neill: And I’m sure it would be true if either of those guys could sing.