Sorting Junk

April 27, 2007

Originally posted to ydnar.vox.com in April 2007.

I decided to go through the Box today. The Box is actually 4 distinct boxes and a duffel bag. The box has been accumulating bits of electronic gear for the better part of a decade, and it was time for a come-to-jesus.

Treasures found in the Box:

  • A/V cables. All of them. I could wire the Fillmore with the metric shit ton of wires the Box produced. You name it, I got it. RCA, TOSlink, quarter-inch, stereo, mono, 1/8th inch, sub-1/8th inch, component, RGB, RCA to 1/8th inch, RCA to 1/4 inch, splitters, elbow joints, pink & green computer audio cables, adapters.
  • 22 power cords, including 2 vintage Apple power cords from the Bondi-blue era.
  • Misc power bricks, feat. The hulking UK 220v Nokia adapter and his pal the Canon Ixus/Elph AC adapter circa 2001.
  • 4 mobile phones, with devices from Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and some off-brand T-Mobile shit making an appearance.
  • Misc adapters, car-chargers, headset cables for aforementioned phones.
  • VGA cables, and one DVI cable. One baker’s dozen.
  • SCSI cables: 50-pin to 50-pin, 25-pin to 50-pin and 25-pin to 25-pin.
  • A bunch of 100MB ZIP disks, with various files and software, mostly Mac OS 8 era.
  • 1 vintage Apple Adjustable Keyboard, complete with original Marathon sticker circa 1994.
  • Marathon 1 CD-ROM. Accelerated for Power Macintosh!
  • Ethernet cables. Lots.
  • A set of really-short ethernet cables (5-inch, 1-foot, etc).
  • 1 USB/VGA/audio 4-port KVM switch. Trick!
  • All cables for said KVM switch, neatly zip-tied.
  • Caller-ID box from Bell Atlantic.
  • USB cables, of every flavor. Mostly still shrink-wrapped.
  • Coax (cable) cables. In all lengths, shapes and sizes.
  • Adapter cables for Bang & Olufsen gear. Now I can connect this vintage piece of art to my iPod!
  • 1 Pentium II CPU (OEM).

Rarer were the devices:

  • 1 Bondi-blue G3 tower.
  • 1 Newton.
  • 1 Apple prototype tablet Mac.
  • 1 Game Boy Advance, with original batteries (I think it actually got less play time than my PSP).
  • 1 PSP.
  • 1 last-generation ADB Wacom tablet, with 2 styluses.
  • 1 Apple-branded external SCSI hard drive. 850 MB, yeah!
  • 1 Iomega ZIP drive, including AC adapter and SCSI cable.

In the non-electronic category:

  • 1 pair chopsticks
  • My first California driver’s license from January 2000. I want to smack that look off my face too.
  • 1 golf ball.
  • Old photos, business cards and greeting cards.
  • Mix tapes!

So the lot will be going to Goodwill next week. If anyone wants a KVM, an Apple prototype or really really loves SCSI, make an offer.