A long time ago...

August 3, 2007

Originally posted to ydnar.vox.com in August 2007.

...I used to design stuff. Websites, logos, tradeshow booths, user interfaces, videogames, levels, flyers, CD covers, packaging. I went digging through old archives of hard-drives of archives of hard-drives today and pulled out a few gems from 1992-2001, including a 1997 design for the first celebrity gossip blog.

ydnar kicks assydnar.co.uknetwork conformityiChannel LogosiChannel 6iChannel 5iChannel 4iChannel 3iChannel 2iChannel 1iAtlas Trade Show BoothiAtlas SkyscraperiAtlas Logoydnar.co.uk.2

ext2iodesktopTroubled SoulsTopsideTRIShip Concept 4Sandbox WidgetsSandbox UISalesLeads1ReflexionPurePoseidonModulations - Iara Lee - PosterJump Pad

Jewelbox BackgroundiINFOFood For the Hungry MockupFirewallDMPostA4DMPostA3DMPostA2DMPostA1DMExhaustCybersleazeCreative UrethanesAsphaltAphid Login2x2001