November 28, 2007

Originally posted to ydnar.vox.com in November 2007.

Just to +1 .tiff’s earlier post on what is possibly my favorite social media site of 2007. I have the FFFFOUND screensaver on my living room computer, and I could just sit on my sofa and watch it all day.

I believe what makes FFFFOUND so compelling is its simplicity. As a user, you can do precisely one thing: favorite images. There’s no tagging, no friending, no privacy, no sorting, no collections, nothing. The social graph of followers/following is built out of the implicit links between users who favorite each others’ images.

Scratch that. I know what makes FFFFOUND so awesome is its simplicity. It’s a scalpel in a universe of swiss-army chainsaws and it looks good all the time, a candy store for visual inspiration.

Best when paired with cold Japanese beer and Digitalism.

Also tangentially related bonus link (NSFW).