It’s a giant hack, but...

November 29, 2007

Originally posted to ydnar.vox.com in November 2007.

...I added Mark’s blog as a favorite. Primarily because it’s awesome, and also because of his tagline about bacon. <3

To favorite someone’s blog, you’ll need Firefox with Firebug installed.

  1. Open someone’s blog and view source.
  2. Look for an HTML comment like this:
    <!-- Asset Stream 6a00b8ea0717f31bc000b8ea0717f51bc0 -->
  3. Copy the asset ID (the 6aNNNN... number).
  4. Run this command from the Firebug console (with the above ID):
    app.c.addAssetAsFavorite( { asset_id: "6aNNNN..." } )
  5. Check your favorites. It should now be listed!