East Village Redux

January 8, 2008

Comfortably ensconced in A + A’s Manhattan abode, between three brick walls, Raptor and Chelsea, nursing the remainder of my cold, listening to In Rainbows, I revised this site. To be specific, I combined two sites: my TypePad blog and my [previously static] personal site, ydnar.com.

The design is a derivation of some recent work, an attempt to push the primary forward, and supporting content into the background without rendering it completely illegible. It’s set in a very desaturated olive, with subheads in 11px capitals, all around a uniform 15px baseline. The type is set in Helvetica Neue, with slightly condensed letter spacing. Links are Pantone 213 on hover. The only images on the page are in posts, and there is nothing except text, links and whitespace otherwise.

Back to this french press and finishing Amelie!