Less Rain Dance, Please

January 26, 2008

Ah, crap. Not. Again.

Two years ago, San Anselmo got pwned in an epic flood. The town is located in the Ross Valley Watershed, downhill from pretty much every direction. To top it off, the downtown area is built partially cantilevered over a creek. That flood wrecked two of my favorite places, Paradigm Cycles (formerly Gravy Wheels) and Bubba’s Diner. They’re back on their feet, but I fear another flood like the one in 2006 will put San Anselmo permanently out of business.

I’ve been lobbying my parents to move there (or nearby) when they retire, to be close to my sister and I. I hope my friends there—and in San Francisco—are weathering OK!

Edit: Another reason it has to stop raining: When I get back to San Francisco I need some serious time in the saddle. Road, fixie, Ducati, whatever. I need speed on two wheels, hill climbs, descents and carving turns. It’s been way too long.