Vegan Junk Food

January 7, 2008

made of vegan taste One might be tempted to call it fast food, but it was definitely not the former. Reading an old post lamenting dearth of organic/slow (heh) fast food I was reminded of Saturday’s visit to Williamsburg. Amidst the hipster slapfights, between a gallery opening and a visit for second dinner to a sardine-packed Japanese restaurant whose matron assured us that the 45 minute wait was definitely worth it, even if we were not worthy, we paid a visit to Food Swings. Peter ordered buffalo wings, Courtney a pair of onion/ketchup/mustard laced hot dogs, Annica a veggie burger, and YT got the chicken bacon ranch sandwich and a latte. No murder (or milk) around. I kneejerked “that is soy, right?” when ordering the latte.

My inner vegan hipster danced a little that night, I think.