The Ordinary, Day 14

August 14, 2008

Played Avenue D at pub quiz last night, and they want more. Discussed the ultrarich in Monaco and the ultrapoor in Punjab over breakfast, microfinance and food supplies, wandered the ferry building and talked about biofuels and the economics of nonprofits before completing the Blue Bottle trifecta of Cento, Boulette’s Larder and Piccino.

Heard gossip about the inner workings of several of my favorite businesses from some of my favorite people. Think I met a new favorite person.

Rode motorcycle and bicycle along my favorite roads. Thought I saw someone who used to be close to me. Planning for the weekend, another away from SF. Planning September and October—Portland, New York, Boston and Amsterdam. Wishing I’d heard from a friend today, but didn’t. Taking a camera to Zeitgeist.