The Ordinary, Day 33

September 2, 2008

I guess for a second, thinking about the annealing property of time on emotional burrs, more cognizant of both the patterns of others and my own, leveling up, having played this particular level through many times, only to be repeatedly foiled, throwing the controller down & walking away in frustration. It’s a learning experience, and not lacking its own RSI analogue or I/O burnout.

I helped a friend move, helped another friend in a shitty situation—one I’d never encountered before, in my life or in any of my friends.’ A few successful Craigslist transactions brought the volume of stuff down a notch. I met a bunch of awesome folks.

This weekend I learned more about Afrikaners and jellyfish, the Dutch and the state of virtual worlds, saw minor frustrations with someone that are simmering, threatening to mirror my own. Got excited to explain simulations in virtual worlds over high-latency, low-bandwidth connections. Saw my first NFL game but watched only the last 30 seconds. Drank tequila and Lagavulin, Nest and rooibos.

As any good weekend ends on Tuesday, it started with a hike across the city, touching every beach in the Presidio for free museum Tuesdays at Land’s End with someone who thinks that the Conservatory of Flowers is tops. I kind of agree.