August 25, 2014

Since 2009, thousands of companies like Instagram, Sidecar, and Square have used Domainr to find the right domain name. With just a few taps, anyone can quickly search the entire range of extensions from .app to .zone.

We initially created Domainr to scratch our own itch. We needed help naming our products and felt dissatisfied with existing options for finding domain names. As fans of short domains and domain hacks, we wanted something that could quickly search across all domains. After building Domainr’s initial prototype in an afternoon, we used the product to name itself and launched it to the world.

After re-launching in 2009, .CO Internet successfully promoted .co into a credible alternative to .com, attracting customers like Google, Twitter, AngelList, and 500 Startups—to name just a few. In 2013, Domainr partnered with .CO Internet to surface their premium domain names, with unique messaging and branding that shows off their value. Our customers responded positively: .co since became Domainr’s second most popular domain name extension.

With the success of this partnership, and in part inspired by Om Malik, the folks at .CO Internet and I struck a deal to move my personal site to a new domain: rr.co. This site rolls up every post I’ve written since 2000, including content from shaderlab.com, ydnar.com, TypePad, and Vox into a single site I can curate going forward. The domain represents both my name and the value of minimalism—I couldn’t feel happier with the result.

One last thing: we’re excited to sponsor this year’s XOXO. If you plan to visit Portland for the conference this year, please say hello. Cameron, Case, and I would love to chat!