3 Encores!!!

July 31, 2008
Bloc Party

Saw Bloc Party last night at the Fillmore with Arsie—like their first performance there, they played three encores. They really know how to play to a crowd—I’m stoked for Cut/Copy and Yelle coming up!

Law & Disorder

July 30, 2008

Law & Order in Gotham

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Feature Creep at the Gate

July 28, 2008

Re-blogging Eric’s post from our internal blog:

Here are my notes from reading 37signals book, Getting Real—it's an outstanding read. Money quote:

"Each time you say yes to a feature, you’re adopting a child. You have to take your baby through a whole chain of events (e.g. design, implementation, testing, etc.). And once that feature’s out there, you’re stuck with it. It’s like ‘Fight Club.’ You should only consider features if they’re willing to stand on the porch for three days waiting to be let in."

This should be tattooed on the back of the eyelids of any PM or founder.

Google Analytics Pwns

July 25, 2008

Barack Obama is Your New Fixie got noticed this week. Links: The Stranger, Mission Mission, Fimoculous, The Goat, PinchflatNews, gaelen.tumblr.com, Madame Lamb, evadanielle.tumblr.com, and Catbird. Holla!

Fixie is Your New Bicycle

July 25, 2008
my bicycle

Yay, spreading the fixie love!


July 25, 2008

My homie Case turned 29 yesterday, and we threw a party for him at my house:

Do Want

July 24, 2008


Completely floored—this car is beautiful. The Mazda Furai concept runs E100 through a Mazda rotary engine. It runs. This is the most lust-worthy concept car I’ve seen in years. I feel like I’m 10 again.


Back in Black

July 24, 2008

At Delfina:


July 23, 2008


Parallels and the Overhelpful

July 23, 2008

Dear Parallels,

As much as I appreciate your marvelous integration with Windows, when I type “Address Book” into Spotlight and hit Return, I’d prefer to get the OS X Address Book—not launch Windows and get the Microsoft equivalent.

Love, Randy