Saturday, Saturday

July 13, 2008

Hearties to my homies Krissy, Steve, Jenny, Kendall, Garth, John and Lian.

Wish my arms were longer, and gotten that photo booth to work. Bartender: “It’s broken.” ”No kidding.”

<3 my friends, hard.

My Moon My Man

July 13, 2008

Friday morning, the marina Fuzio restaurant, doors open, crew setting up tables for the lunch rush was playing Feist. Friday afternoon, as soon as I’d scrawled my signature, the same song came on in the Apple store, neatly framing the day.

I love this song.

Also: Boys Noize remix.

Congee Talk

July 13, 2008

Had lunch yesterday with Shawn + Jenny at Out The Door. Daikon rice cakes and duck congee are pretty much the best thing ever. So much so, I made some today at home. Not quite right, yet.

Bride + Friends

July 13, 2008
Apres Dinner

After dinner, wandering in Rive Droite.

Bastille Day

July 12, 2008

One of my favorite parties every year is almost here. Looking forward to the massive crush in Beldon Place all year.

Stop Signs

July 11, 2008

Finally—San Francisco considering exempting cyclists from stop signs. For riders, stop signs = yield signs, stop lights = stop signs.

Hellboy? Hell Yeah

July 11, 2008

Completely missed when this came out! Definitely seeing it this weekend.

Edit: Awesome, as predicted. The last 30 minutes dragged a little—the first one had a better boss fight, this one using a predictable, well-worn device to vanquish the antagonist—but the scene with Red and Blue singing over cans of Tecate is almost worth the price of admission. Guillermo Del Toro’s creatures and scenes are also not uneasy on the eyes.


Repetition Kills You

July 10, 2008

London electro artists The Black Ghosts bring this delicious slice of Paris + homage to Space Invader and Pac Man, directed by Sarah Hay, featuring Damon Albarn. Bon appetit, indeed.

The Black Ghosts will be playing in San Francisco with Holy Ghost! on July 25 in San Francisco.

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July 8, 2008

In Paris, the window of a design firm.

Harder Bodies Faster Stronger

July 8, 2008

I am kind of going to have their man babies.

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