Shaderlab 1.1

December 14, 2000

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on December 13, 2000.

By popular request, I have brightened up the text a bit. Also added is a new pager (the thing above saying “Page 1 of 2”). This should cut down the time it takes to download/render a Shaderlab page. The settings default to 10 items per page. Perhaps someday it’ll be a cookie.

If anything is busted on Netscape or the IE flavor of the day, let me know.

Contrary to my last update, there may be another round of textures before the new year. Was inspired last week and revisited the sci-fi texture set I’d started a couple months ago. Added a little grime and things started looking up. Before long there were 10 or so textures. The set is entitled Majestic. It had been my goal to drape a CTF map with them, but they’ll probably see the light of day long before the map does.

Think Kubrick meets Kingpin. Marathon fans will know the style… :)

Update: I am retarded. Forgot to copy the development branch of the site code to the production side. The text really is brighter now, promise.