Optimal 4

April 6, 2001

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on April 5, 2001.

Image Throwing another party this evening, at Sno-Drift in San Francisco. This time around, Ken Ishii (Tokyo) is headlining, along with our boys Javate and Markie.

Representing the front room will be Fil Latorre and Inhuman, of Staple fame, and Xis.

Lovin: XLR8R | SFStation | CitySearch

Visuals will be Quake 3, running my Woo mod with camera scripting, lens effects, and cel-shading. I’ll release the source sometime next week for anyone who wants to drop an action-cam spectator into their mod.

Note to self: RoQ encoding of a multi-minute video is slooooooooow.