The Frankenbike

January 30, 2005

bizdeviant: what is the current iteration of franken rig?

For a long time I've wanted a touring bike. Not just any touring bike, but something interesting. It had to be bomb-proof, but at the same time worthy of a conversation or two, i.e. containing some bull-headed unique little feature that makes it different from every other bike out there. Just to be difficult.

I decided a while ago that my perfect touring bicycle would use a Rohloff internal gear hub. It has 14 linearly-spaced speeds, works with a QR, and can be hit with a nuclear missle etc. and still function. It weighs a ton, costs more than the components it replaces, and most importantly lets me ride with a single chainring, one cog, and no derailleurs. Despite the plethora of cables, the bicycle will at least have the same clean appearance as a single-speed.