Frame Progress

February 6, 2005


Went to see Bernie today, and the frame looks good. The lugs are nice and pointed, the brazing is clean, the frame is straight and the couplers are in. The matching fork with its single lugged crown and double eyelets is a piece of work. As soon as Bernie gets the Rohloff hub, he can position the disc brake mount and torque braze-ons.

Lugged steel is a thing of beauty. Bernie added an inch or so of extension brazed onto the top of the headtube lug to raise the handlebars a bit without having to resort to too many spacers (not that that scares him, anyway...some of his bikes have steerer tubes half again as long as the fork blades). Soon all the parts will come together (frame, racks, hubs, brakes, cables) and the puzzle of fitting it all together.