January 15, 2008

Yesterday I was reminded of a few pithy truisms about Ye Olde Internets: Never post anything on the internet that you aren’t comfortable with it existing forever. On the internet, copyright is largely irrelevant. APIs and the ecosystem they support provide interesting mechanisms for discovering both new works and infringement.

I’m pretty liberal with usage rights. In general, if someone isn’t deriving income from the reuse of something I’ve created, then I don’t request compensation, only credit. I’ve considered using a blanket Creative Commons license for [most of] my stuff, but haven’t researched it enough to understand all the ramifications. For now, everything is ©, All Rights Reserved. This has proven to work well. I used to create textures for the indie mapping scene. Occasionally I’d get reports from people who’d played a game that reused my textures without credit (or compensation), but in all cases a few phone calls or emails resolved the situation.

Yesterday I saw a Google link to a Flickr DNA page for my photos. From there, I clicked to a related Technorati page with references to my photos. Curious, I dug in a bit more and found these minor references:

Simple, nothing crazy or too profound, but interesting to see what other people think is interesting.