The Routine

March 9, 2006

Originally posted to ydnar.vox.com in March 2006.

Every morning around 7 or so, I take Pista for a walk around SOMA. Sometimes through downtown to Market Street and up to the Ferry Building, down past the Bay Bridge on the Embarcadero.

Between the crowds, the homeless, the architecture, traffic and sunrise, it makes some pretty interesting imagery.

Comet RSS Screensaver

March 8, 2006

Originally posted to ydnar.vox.com in March 2006.

Along with Artur, Ben & Mena and Andrew, and about a million other people who bought that first truckload at the Apple Store, I acquired my first piece of Apple hardware in 7 years (the last was a creaky 350mhz blue & white G3).

Brought it home, and immediately fell in love with Front Row. It really is usable as a media center, and aside from my main gripe about not being able to access videos on iTunes shares from my other machines, it's near-perfect in its (rather simple) implementation.

So mucking around with the System Preferences panel, I came across the RSS screensaver module. Hm. After authenticating, I grabbed my Comet friends & family feed and saved it as an RSS bookmark in Safari.

To my surprise, not only did it work flawlessly, but it remembered the authentication cookie. So now whenever my Mac is idle, my living room shines with the most recent posts from my friends & family.

This is a beautiful thing.

Fort Funston

March 6, 2006

Originally posted to ydnar.vox.com in March 2006.

Fort Funston is dog heaven. Every dog (all 100 of them at any given time, any day of the week) are off leash. The beach provides a pretty good set of natural barriers (one cliff, one ocean) and puppies just love to run into the waves.

It was low tide, but the waves were pretty high due to the wind and incoming storm. Pista had lots of fun...


March 5, 2006

Originally posted to ydnar.vox.com in March 2006.

Overheard at Otis bar last night:

We're from Miami. You should should be there, it's where all the beautiful people are. Except us, of course.

You know, the poor people are buying up all the $500,000 houses here. I don't want to live near poor people.

I believe they were wearing cashmere.

Whiteout Flyer (Concorde)

March 4, 2006

Originally posted to ydnar.vox.com in March 2006.

I've been a fan of the Ortofon Concorde headshell/styli for quite a while. It inspired a flyer for a club night I was promoting a few years ago at the now defunct Sno-Drift club.

Chair (post by email)

March 4, 2006

Originally posted to ydnar.vox.com in March 2006.

Chair This post was created with the rocking new mail gateway.

the uncanny ted(-alike)

March 2, 2006

the uncanny ted(-alike)Talking with Beau whose other thing has a truly righteous logo this morning, I looked down and did a double-take.

When did Ted (of BAGeL Radio fame) write a cookbook? I knew his tastes skewed good in music, but baking too?

1000 Photos

February 28, 2006

10001000 WordsPhotos. Zoom!

Moving Redux

February 25, 2006

Today I'm moving for the 25th time in 29 years. 2nd floor, 2nd loft, 1st place with concrete floors, 4th house I've lived alone, 1st in San Francisco, 1st in SOMA, 4 blocks from the office, 4 blocks from the Bay, braced by I-80, Folsom, Harrison, First and an off-ramp. Pretty flash view at night--look up to see the closest thing SF has to a Tokyoesque skyline, look down to see tranny hookers urinating in front of the Mexican Consulate.

Best feature: a few doors down a neighbor in a lonely remaining victorian crowded by a pair of massive concrete condo buildings with a well-worn stuffed dog permanently on watch in the front window.

Newly Listening To

February 18, 2006

New additions to my music library for 2006 (links to follow):

  • Audio Bullys: Generation
  • Bloc Party: Silent Alarm Remixed [1]
  • Gang of Four: Return the Gift + Remixes
  • The Heavenly States: Black Comet [1]
  • Jeff Buckley & Gary Lucas: Songs to No One 1991-1992 [vinyl]
  • Kool Keith feat. Kutmaster Kurt: Deisel Truckers
  • Martinez: Audiomatique Volume 1.0
  • Miho Hatori: Ecdysis
  • Mylo: Destroy Rock & Roll
  • Sufjan Stevens: Illinois [1]
  • Thee Michelle Gun Elephant: Gear Blues
  • Various: DJ Cam Revisited
  • The White Stripes: Get Behind Me Satan

[1] Thanks Krissy!