The Ordinary, Day 2

August 2, 2008

Plied the discretionary fund of random moments yesterday and came up with a few winners. The first in Honolulu were a melody of Texan and Japanese accents rolling over like river pebbles, punctuated by SMS well-wishes, contrasted with grating missives from a troublesome source. Technology was simultaneously tethering and freeing, the 3G service in Oahu worked like gangbusters, Apple’s animated GPS diode being a source of data and amusement all day.

Open-top Jeep, drove around to Trentemøller, had unagi and tonkatsu at Hifumi (thanks jkoshi!), walked through homeless camps in old Honolulu buying beer for some kids at the skate park, crashed a salon party and saw the greatest sunrise ever.

Incidentally, the drive from Honolulu to Kailua is amazing. Emerging from the pair of tunnels on the Pali Highway toward the windward side, you’re driving down a series of hairpin turns with the entire harbor valley laid out in front of you, the Pacific beyond. Beau and I basically sparred over which epic activity we’re doing next. Climb that mountain? Go sea kayaking? Play with sharks? Crash the set of Lost?

Thanks to Beau, I have a new appreciation for waves. Upon arrival, the first thing we did after unloading the Jeep was hit the beach for a swim. Soon this morning we’re grabbing the boogie boards and heading out again before driving across the island to pick up Krissy and Dave.

I’m stoked to start cooking.