January 22, 2001

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on January 22, 2001.

Image 15 minutes left until the Simpsons. I had been of the mind that the news section is the place for those clever little profundities that one dreams up now and then. I still am, except that my wrists are feeling carpal from building textures and working on the site today. So I’ll keep it short and to the point, utilizing cut & paste as much as possible.

New: Graffiti: Only 2 textures so far, but they’re shapely. Also, upates in Cement, Concrete, Doors, Metal, Walls, and Windows, for a total of 22 new textures. Enjoy.

Also of use should be the New filter, which displays all textures in reverse chronological order, so you can see the latest stuff right away.

Decay, Subway

January 17, 2001

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on January 17, 2001.

Two new sections (and 20 textures) today: Decay and Subway. More textures in each, as well as expansions of Majestic are in the works, as well as other things…enjoy.

Working on the site code again, and got preliminary support for 3ddownloads.com-based ftp of the larger archive zips. For some reason my site automation scripts aren’t working properly so I had to manually do today’s update.

Dirty Under Construction

January 13, 2001

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on January 13, 2001.

Image I’ve been busy slicing up photos from New York and recent trips to Hunter’s Point here in SF for a couple more sets, New Jack City and Subway Series. Click the image to the right for a preview of the latter.

I hope to have one of the sets, at least in partial form, released next week.


January 12, 2001

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on January 12, 2001.

Added a little feature today:

Majestic 2001

January 9, 2001

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on January 9, 2001.

Image Majestic2001: 23 textures with a dirty Star Wars bent. Designed to work with each other, and for use as basis textures. They can be found in the new Sci Fi section.


Postcards From Manhattan

January 8, 2001

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on January 8, 2001.

Image Half the fun of making textures is shooting the source photographs. Going out of your way to get to places in cities you’d rather not be in, tramping about abandoned buildings, plopping your tripod down ten feet from a sign clearly marked “No Photography,” and sneaking a shot when no one’s looking. Usually, only half of the photos taken yield unusable texture material. That leaves a lot of snaps left over…which inspired me to open a new bit, Missions.

So without further ado, I present the first page in what I hope will be a valuable resource for peeps looking for mapping inspiration: WhiteOut.

Happy New Year!

Shaderlab 1.1

December 14, 2000

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on December 13, 2000.

By popular request, I have brightened up the text a bit. Also added is a new pager (the thing above saying “Page 1 of 2”). This should cut down the time it takes to download/render a Shaderlab page. The settings default to 10 items per page. Perhaps someday it’ll be a cookie.

If anything is busted on Netscape or the IE flavor of the day, let me know.

Contrary to my last update, there may be another round of textures before the new year. Was inspired last week and revisited the sci-fi texture set I’d started a couple months ago. Added a little grime and things started looking up. Before long there were 10 or so textures. The set is entitled Majestic. It had been my goal to drape a CTF map with them, but they’ll probably see the light of day long before the map does.

Think Kubrick meets Kingpin. Marathon fans will know the style… :)

Update: I am retarded. Forgot to copy the development branch of the site code to the production side. The text really is brighter now, promise.


December 14, 2000

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on December 13, 2000.

Good morning, this is rumour control. Reports of a half-alien half-dog creature running around snacking on the residents are completely unfounded. Instead, use this shiny new non-animated, non-annoying button:

Links for trade. You know who you are.

Holiday Cheer

December 12, 2000

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on December 12, 2000.

Image A early Christmas present (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or whatever)…37 textures in four sets from the olden days in Archived. Nifty biomechanical, stucco, racing stripes and more lights than you can shake a dradle at. Or something.

And if you live and club in San Francisco, or are just interested in what else takes up my time, check out the under-development Optimal site.

This is probably my last update of 2000, as I’m going snowboarding next weekend, flying back east for Christmas, and hopefully enjoying New Year’s in Thailand.

Phear The Bot

November 2, 2000

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on November 1, 2000.

Revised the site code a little today, adding a “narrow” item box and a little typographic cleanup. If you have a hard time reading the text on the site, drop me a note here.

In case anyone’s interested, the graphic below the items on the left is a little bot icon I’ve been using for years. It pops up in textures now and again…