I Am Scifi

October 30, 2000

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on October 30, 2000.

A link to an interesting set of sci-fi textures dropped into my box today. Thanks DSB.

Post Playstation 2 Idleness

October 28, 2000

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on October 28, 2000.

Played Tekken Tag Tournament today; the arenas are gorgeous. Reminded me that I had a few textures unreleased. New releases in Asphalt, Cement, Trim, Vehicles (new), and Windows.

Oh, and after only 10 months of waiting, we finally have proper DSL to the house. Biz line, to boot. Not cheap, but at least I can rail without living in the future. :)

And shockingly, my email works again, too.


August 3, 2000

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on August 2, 2000.

Image If you’re going to be in San Francisco on August 18, and like a little bit of that Detroit techno love, check this.


August 3, 2000

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on August 8, 2000.

Real Life and my Real Job have been interfering with my time to work on Shaderlab. Between bugfixing, discovering (or hearing about) new and interesting ways to break my software, and just plain having a night at the club, I’ve let my texture production get a little slack. I’ve not been idle, however…last weekend we did a little boating and a little spying. Toxic abandoned naval installations make for some interesting snaps. Not to mention the hulking rusted-out dry docks a mile up the coast.

If you’ve tried to contact me and had your mail bounced, try reaching me here. The ydnar@shaderlab.com address is down until our new DSL is installed. Theoretically it will fix my gripes regarding the old DSL. :)

Shaderlab Moved…

June 13, 2000

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on June 13, 2000.

Image …to its new home, TeleFragged. Thanks to KungFu, Slade, and the rest of the cool folks at TeleFragged for getting Shaderlab set up here. Now my CrapDSL (TM) can be nuked without disturbing the site.

Along with the new hosting (and banner ads) are new resizable preview windows, where you can check the tiling of a texture before you download.

Found Treasures

June 12, 2000

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on June 12, 2000.

Came across an interesting page on the Marathon’s Story site. Found that bit of hypothetical influence interesting, as Halo had inspired a bit of sci-fi texture dabbling of on my part…

Additions to the Family

June 12, 2000

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on June 12, 2000.

Put up a few of the latest batch, including some new cb action in Cinderblock and Detail. On the natural tip, a bunch of new plywood and planks in The ‘Wood. Also joining Shaderlab today is the Doors section, for those interstitial spots. Props to Tag and Xis for the photoshoot assist. Six eyes is better than two when it comes to finding the good decay.

More coming up, including signs, fans, circuit boxes and classic metal floors.

Urban Redux

June 7, 2000

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on June 7, 2000.

A little nighttime prowl around SOMA netted some interesting material. A good working relationship with the local crack dealers is good to have. I don't point the camera at them and they don't point the gun at me.

Conversion from photos to textures progresses. Expect more doors, windows, and generally distressed surfaces asap. Here’s a sample of the goods:

Flu, ISP Troubles

May 18, 2000

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on May 18, 2000.

Back in San Francisco and back to (somewhat) good health. Nine parties in seven days, with some sleep thrown in like a bay leaf, the body finally says “No, thank you,” and gets the flu. This put an end to my plans this weekend to photograph Alcatraz for a new texture set. Which brings me to a bit of a rant cut short. After months of phone calls, trouble tickets, traceroutes, pings, and a little PG-13 language, our DSL service at the house (where Shaderlab is hosted, incidentally) has continued to degrade. Perhaps I’m naive, but total outbound packetloss exactly every 62 seconds isn't exactly the Marque of fucking Quality.

Do yourself a favor if you’re considering getting DSL. Avoid InternetConnect.net like like the plague of dysfunctional routers and “quality assurance” personnel the company is. If you send mail to Shaderlab and it bounces, or see some poor bloke repeatedly running off the side of q3dm17 like some lemming every minute or so, you know why. :)

Shaderlab @ E3

May 9, 2000

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on May 9, 2000.

Shaderlab @ E3

This week I will be attending E3 in Los Angeles.

If you’re going to be attending and would like to meet and yak about shaders, textures or mapping, or have any tickets to the Sony party you'd part with, drop me a note at ydnar@shaderlab.com.

More updates next week.