October 3, 2003

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on October 3, 2003.

Acquired first road bike today. Managed to cram it into my room in the new house in Potrero Hill. Hopefully will be the first of many...it made the climb actually pleasureable this evening.

Also new Q3Map2 for her mapping pleasure.

Nurning Ban

August 31, 2003

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on August 31, 2003.

Skipped Burning Man again and instead spent some QT with a few kids from Ritual, showing them a bit of the San Francisco flavor (and not-so-flavorful).

So, natch, I got up bright and early and hungover and released a new Q3Map2 (2.5.7), with Jedi Academy support and a host of long-stewing fixes/updates.


August 2, 2003

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on August1, 2003.

For all you Friendster haters out there.

Another day, another Q3Map2, this time fixing a Really Stupid Bug with _minlight and lightstyle interaction. Thanks PJW!

Redux 2K3

July 29, 2003

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on July 29, 2003.

Another year, another news item.

Lots of new stuff around here. Notable is Q3Map2 support for lots more games, including Tenebrae, Soldier of Fortune 2, Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast, Star Trek: Elite Force, and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (which I was lucky to work on). The latest version as of this writing is Q3Map 2.5.5-test-12, which has tons of new features and bugfixes, including lightstyles, decal projectors and full Enemy Territory support. Note: Q3Map2 now requires GTK+ 2.0 or two small DLLs to be installed. Details here.

Also new are two new open-source applications: MD3Fix, a small drag & drop (or commandline) program to clean up malformed MD3 models, and QuickGamma, a tiny Win32 tray application that lets you quickly set your monitor gamma, not unlike the various QuickRes programs out there.

Lightmapped Terrain + Q3Map2

September 4, 2002

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on September4, 2002.

Finally got around to releasing a map.

This is a demo map (no bot support, arena file, etc) for mappers looking to add lightmapped terrain support and need a little pick-me-up. It pretends to be a little slice out of Halo, but hey, aren’t all pseudo-northern California levels? Created using a fly new version of EasyGen.

Shots: One Two

To get your fix, simply direct your browser to the Q3Map2 samples area and stab away.

QuakeCon 2002

August 16, 2002

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on August 15, 2002.

I’ll be in Mesquite Texas attending QuakeCon from tomorrow (Friday) through Monday.

I’ll be hosting a small mapping conference on Friday evening from 6 to 7pm in the Cayuse conference room. It’s going to be informal, mostly Q and A, covering Q3Map2, shaders, and whatever else comes up.

Q3Map2 2.2.0-b12

July 11, 2002

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on July 11, 2002.

Q3Map 2.2.0-b12. Supports lightmaps larger than 128x128 pixels stored as external TGA images, fogging of func_* brush model entities, _foghull (shader) support for _farplanedist clipped maps, misc bugfixes, preliminary Star Trek: Elite Force support (-game ef), external .srf scripts to store extra drawsurface data, and a bunch of other bits.

Q3Map2 2.0.1

May 15, 2002

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on May 15, 2002.

Q3Map 2.0.1. Fixed that pesky alphashadow bug, and most likely introduced motherboard-melting bugs as well. Enjoy...

Escape Velocity

April 19, 2002

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on April 19, 2002.

How ironic; on the eve of my departure, the sun makes its presence felt.

New for the whole family!

April 12, 2002

Originally posted to shaderlab.com on April 12, 2002.

To fill a need no one knew existed, now available: Shaderlab wallpaper. Get robotic with the gas-powered hot-air balloon floating around on a balmy day. Plain old Quake 3 map, if you believe it:

Download: 640 x 480   800 x 600   1024 x 768   1280 x 960   1600 x 1200